I have created a new site called Pretirely. It's a "Choose Your Own Adventure" type game where you try to make your assets last through retirement. As you navigate through the years, you'll encounter an economy that looks just like some year in the past, and you'll see your assets affected by inflation, high and low stock and bond returns, and changing home values.


Just learned my mother has ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. This is a tragic disease that causes the patient to progressively lose control of all of their muscles until they become totally paralyzed. It's uncommon enough that it's considered an 'orphan disease', meaning it doesn't receive a lot of attention from the media and researchers, and patients and families are to a large extent on their own in trying to figure out how to deal with it. There isn't even much information about who has ALS, but there is an effort to create an ALS registry.

30 Year Vacation

I just launched another new site, 30 Year Vacation.

Retirement sounds great. You quit work, play golf, and travel, and have no responsibilities. Who wouldn't love it? But isn't that what a vacation is? We can easily spend 30 or more years in retirement, so when all the Baby Boomers hit retirement age, a significant percentage of the adult population could go on a perpetual 30 year "vacation".

Remotely Virtual

My presentation at DrupalCon Portland was about building virtual and remote teams. The session video is available on the session page, at

Save My Airport!

I used to create a nice infographic for

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Video Series

I helped create a video series, Using Organic Groups for, and created the OG Extras module to make the 7.2 version of Organic Groups easier to use. We use that module in the video as an easy way to organize the group pages.

DrupalCon Munich

I'll be speaking at DrupalCon Munich in August of 2012 to say There Might (Not) Be a Module For That.

One of the first steps in a new Drupal project is to walk through the wireframes and functional requirements of the new site to try to decide exactly how you would implement them in Drupal.

Sometimes that is dead easy to do. A simple list of the titles of the latest content can be constructed using Views. Done!

Midwest Developer Summit

I'll be speaking at the Midwest Developer Summit in Madison, Wisconsin in July of 2012.

Drupal Camp NY

I'll be speaking at Drupal Camp NY in July of 2012.

Video Series

I helped create the video series Calendars with Drupal 7 for This series illustrates how to use the Calendar module that I created and maintain.

In this series we focus on building calendars with Drupal. We'll be covering topics such as basic configuration for fields and views, using calendar templates, creating blocks and different ways of displaying the calendar, along with customizing the look and feel.


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